Steve Silliman, Lead Pastor
work: 814-238-3800

Spouse's name - Trisa
Married since - 1994
Children's names - Kelsi, Mikaila, Andrii, Vova, Nicole, Artem, Rachel, Serhii
State where were you born - Alaska
Committed life to Christ - Early elementary age (I don't remember the exact age)
Years on staff - Since August 2012
What areas of ministry do you oversee - Overall congregational ministry
Number of years in ministry - Since January 1997
Where did you go to college - Southwestern Assemblies of God University
Previous line of work - Before going into full-time ministry I was in the US Air Force
Hobbies - Running, hanging with the family, reading
Favorite sports teams - New York Yankees, Detroit Lions
Favorite restaurant - Chili's, Red Lobster, anything Mexican