Who We Are

Our purpose is to worship God, to make a positive impact on those around us, and to grow in spiritual maturity as followers of Jesus Christ. We are people who come together to honor God and express our love and devotion to Him. We actively look for ways to help people and to make a difference in our community and around the world. We strive to grow in our Christian journey through biblical principles that can be applied to everyday life.

We embrace the Trinity - God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit - and, in everything, the Bible is our ultimate guide. Our worship is a Pentecostal, contemporary style; while no one is expected to express themselves in any particular way, many people are genuinely enthusiastic as they sing to the Lord. We care about people, and, just as Jesus cares for people, we aim to bring help, healing, and hope to each person whose life we touch.

Our Core Values

These seven core values are at the heart of the State College Assembly family:

Relationship: Relationship matters
Ministry: Everyone has something to offer
Prayer: Prayer changes everything
Generosity: Live and give sacrificially
Evangelism: In your going, make disciples
Faith: It’s never too late, too big, or too insignificant for God
Worship: Worship in all we say, in all we do, in all we are