For Active Duty, Veterans, & Their Families

State College Assembly's Military Ministry is here to encourage, support, and honor active duty military personnel, veterans, and their families. Wives of active military personnel are invited to join our Solo Women events, part of SCA's Compassion Connection. To find out more about Solo Women, email or contact Betty Lou at 238-4513.


(Now being updated for the November 11 Veterans Day List)
All active
duty military personnel who are a part of the SCA family, or have an immediate family member who is part of the SCA family, are invited to be on the Military Prayer List. This list is updated twice a year, the Sunday before Memorial Day and the Sunday before Veterans Day. Those on the list are regularly prayed for by SCA's prayer groups and many individuals. To join the list, submit the service person's name, branch of service, country where serving (or base in the U.S., if stateside), your name and their relationship to you.

Click here to submit the information.