Centre Region Compassion Connection provides a wide range of services and support to both the SCA family and our community. This outreach ministry is committed to the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of others. A widow with a leaking roof, a couple searching for financial answers, a single mom in need of supportive relationships, a man looking for a job – these are real-life issues to which Compassion Connection brings real answers by networking and connecting people. Compassion Connection has built a strong network base through partnering with other faith-based groups, social services, and human service organizations to provide information, classes, and resources where they are needed.

If you have any other questions, please contact the church office via email or call (814) 238-3800.

Women of Compassion

Are you a single woman looking to get connected? Women of Compassion is designed to equip, encourage, and connect all women.  Child care is provided for most events - be sure to sign up in advance if you need child care. A variety of monthly activities are planned throughout the year – check the bulletin or email the above address for details about upcoming events.

Born to Serve Repair Ministry

Born to Serve Repair Ministry does home repairs and odd jobs for widows and widowers, the elderly, the disabled, and single parents. Born to Serve is designed to meet the needs of those who may have difficulty completing repair tasks on their own and who cannot afford necessary repair work. Services are limited and provided free of charge.

Orphan Care Alliance

Orphan Care Alliance serves to raise community awareness of the need to care for orphans and provides information to parents exploring options for domestic or international adoption. Orphan Care is partnering with Centre County Children and Youth Services locally and is building a network of prayer and contacts globally to provide effective ministry, both at home and abroad. 

Career Change

Are you looking for a job? Or, are you trying to fill a position? Career Change connects those looking for a job with potential job openings in businesses within the State College City Church family and area companies by matching skills and experience with job descriptions. Career Change staff provides information and practical advice, as well as encouragement to help reduce the stress a job change may bring. 

Out of the Cold

SCA is part of a team of area churches used as overnight housing sites for those in our community who don’t have a place to live during the winter months. Hot meals, packed lunches, hygiene kits, blankets, and cots are available for anyone who needs a place to stay. If you want to be a part of this outreach ministry team, Compassion Connection will provide the necessary training and hands-on opportunities to serve.