MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) is a community group for moms with young children. From the time you are pregnant until your child is in kindergarten, our doors are open! We meet twice a month to socialize, relax, learn from our mentor moms and speakers, discuss, create, and enjoy great food and coffee.

MOPS is open to anyone in the community, whether or not you have a church affiliation and no matter your beliefs! At a typical meeting we focus on a motherhood or faith related topic (often utilizing  a short video or a local speaker). You'll spend time discussing and sharing your experiences with your table and get to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and snacks. Often, we'll do a craft or activity while continuing to visit. Every other meeting is a Mom's Night Out and we spend most of our time chatting and doing something fun (coffee tasting, board games, and canvas painting are a few things we have done together!) Between meetings we plan playdates and stay in touch through our facebook group. 

MOPS is brought to you by a team of your fellow moms. We have each found MOPS to be a place to grow personally and make wonderful friends! We know how challenging AND awesome it is to parent young children, and you're not alone! You need a break, you need inspiration, and you need your mom teammates around you. Come visit a meeting - we think you'll love it!

Send an email to if you have questions, or if you'd like to join or visit this group. 

Please note that childcare is not provided at this time, although babies who are not mobile/younger than 6 months are always welcome to come along with their moms!

Check out the video below and find out more about MOPS at


We don't think cost should ever be a reason not to come to MOPS - scholarships are available, just ask!

MOPS International charges $31.95 to cover curriculum and materials for each mom, as well as to contribute toward new MOPS groups all over the globe! (You will receive MOPS materials in the mail after you register). We also charge a fee of $35/year to cover the expenses of our local group so that we can do crafts and other fun stuff without further expense to you (prorated at $4/month for the remaining months if you join mid year). You are always welcome to visit for a free month before deciding if you'd like to join!

You can download the MOPS registration form and mail it with your check (made out to State College Assembly) to the church office, or just bring it to a meeting. 2201 University Dr Ext, State College, PA, 16801. Make sure to mark your envelope attn: MOPS!

Download our registration form here

Registered members: request to join our closed facebook group (SC Evening MOPS - current member page)- between meetings we are very active here! 

Follow our public facebook page for MOPS news.