Dinner for 8

Is there any better way to get to know one another than to share a meal together? Why not join one of our Dinner for 8 groups?

Each Dinner for 8 group will consist of eight adults (couples, single, doesn't matter!) who will meet monthly to share a meal together. The first month will be arranged by your Dinner for 8 Group Hosts, and will then rotate among the remaining members. 

Do you have further questions or want more information? Contact our Dinner for 8 Coordinator.


Q: How does the sign up work?

A: Fill out the form to the right, and our Dinner for 8 Coordinator will contact you to confirm your registration. Your two choices for hosts/location will be used to help place you in the group that best fits you.

Q: Are children allowed to attend?

A:  Absolutely! Children are more than welcome to attend. They are just not included in the headcount of 8.

Q: When will Dinner for 8 begin?

A:  Groups will start meeting in October and meet monthly thereafter.

Q: Who brings what to each dinner?

A:  The hosting location will provide the main dish, and side dishes will be coordinated amongst the group.

Hang tight while we prepare your form...

Meet our Dinner for 8 Group Hosts!

  • Mike & Karen Leone

    State College Hosts

  • Pete & Jen Seidenberg

    State College Hosts

  • Greg & Beth Shearer

    State College Hosts

  • Kenn & Krista Davis

    Boalsburg Hosts and Dinner for 8 Coordinators

  • Chris & Wendy Devlin

    Boalsburg Hosts

  • Dave & Patti Cochrane

    Boalsburg Hosts

  • Dan & Pat Lysak

    Boalsburg Hosts

  • Michael & Lisa Madeira

    Boalsburg Hosts

  • Aaron & Christen Bell

    Port Matilda Hosts

  • Keith & Shelly Hershey

    Centre Hall Hosts

  • Reg & Judy Kuntz

    Zion (Bellefonte) Hosts

  • Melvin & Berenice Anaya

    Philipsburg Hosts