Our Core Values

Our core values are reference points that remind us how God is working through this specific church body. They are values that we carry as a church that help shape how we interact with one another and our community.


We believe a significant part of growing in God’s desires for your life involves growing in relationship with one another. 


We believe God has invested gifts and talents in every person and desires for each to grow in using them.  


We believe prayer is a vital part of the Christian life, both for the individual and the church.


We believe God calls each of us to live a sacrificially generous life in our living and our giving.


We believe God is at work in the hearts of those around us and desires to use us in bringing others into relationship with Him through Christ.


We believe faith is foundational to all that God desires to do in our lives, in our church, and in our world.


We believe worship is more than a song but is a lifestyle oriented around the presence of God.